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Monocolour Watercolour Test

I am currently writing a watercolour course to be published on Udemy. Part of the program is a lecture on doing a monocolour (one-colour) painting. It was the FIRST watercolour painting that I ever did back at Banting Secondary School in a city watercolour course in the year 2000. Mine was awful but you do learn a lot.

I wanted to take this opportunity to try out a new watercolour product that I had purchased. I bought my first tube of Daniel Smith watercolour paint. It is a 15ml tube of Ultramarine Blue. i thought that this would be a great time to test it out.

My subject was a simple tractor that I took a picture of at 43.0694362, -81.3668475. I was really happy with the paint. The cost is terrible - at approx $20 for a 15ml tube! BUT - the pigment and colour quality was better than any other paint I have used... EVER. I think I may start to slowly switch from QOR paints from Golden to Daniel Smith.

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