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Andy Warhol in 1975

In 1975, Andy Warhol was primarily working in his studio, The Factory, creating a variety of artworks that were heavily influenced by popular culture and consumerism. Some of the art he produced during this time include:

  • Campbell's Soup Cans: Warhol first created these paintings in 1962, and continued to produce variations of them throughout his career.

  • Marilyn Monroe: Warhol created a series of portraits of the actress in 1962, and revisited the image many times throughout his career.

  • Elvis Presley: Warhol created a series of paintings of Elvis in 1975, using a photograph of the singer from his movie "Jailhouse Rock" as source material.

  • Self-Portraits: Warhol produced a series of self-portraits in 1975, using silkscreen techniques to create repeating images of himself.

  • Flowers: Warhol created a series of paintings of flowers in 1964, and continued to revisit the subject throughout his career.

In 1975 Warhol also started a new medium that was more experimental, he started making films. He created a film called "Bad" starring Carroll Baker, and "L'Amour" starring Sylvia Miles. It's worth noting that Warhol's art often dealt with themes of celebrity, consumerism, and the nature of art itself, and he was known for experimenting with different mediums and techniques throughout his career.

I have attached a picture of his soup cans when I visited Sothebys in November 2022.

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